Fat Kingdom

My friends and I designed Fat Kingdom to motivate ourselves to walk more.  I found that I always needed an extra push of some kind to get out door - to do the simple, and always fulfilling, act of walking.  I hope that this app can do the same for others. :-)

As of version 1.1 - there are currently 14 days worth of story content in Fat Kingdom.  My plan is to continue adding story and art as time goes on.


With the iPhone app Fat Kingdom, you can keep track of your daily steps while going on a weird, hipster-themed, fantasy adventure!

Quirky story elements are provided as you accomplish daily step goals - just a little push to help you meet your walking goals every day.

It's a pedometer with a story and some light gaming elements.



  • track your step data (provided via Healthkit)
  • travel through a fantasy story as you walk
  • set your daily step goal
  • engage in a quirky story provided one step at a time
  • iPhone X ready!